Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

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Innovation Champions Awards for Industry (ICA-I)


Since the core in this exercise is human capital development where management of companies plays key role in identifying and grooming intellectual talent therefore to attract their attention to this project, Innovation Champion Awards (ICA) will be given as highlight of the forum.

  • The awards will be given to the companies to acknowledge the prominent Innovation Champion (IC) Lead in any company for their variety of skills and acumen.
  • The highest quality industry players will be evaluated on the basis of their submitted document and 5 minutes elevator pitch showing strong competition.

Those who will qualify for Innovation Champion Awards (ICA) will be made permanent members of Human Capital Development Forum’s (HCDF) advisory committee and HCDF-Innovation Hub-Gold Member.


To champion the culture of innovation as a way of life to serve humanity.


To create resilient innovation driver platform to emotionally and mentally engage innovative minds by acknowledging and inspiring innovative minds and to open up them to share innovative ideas by challenging convention and creating interventions.


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Innovation Capital Development Forum