Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

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Logo Brief


This logo signifies the acquisition and application of learning and knowledge. The human brain receives stimuli from the environment. These stimuli could be raw data form or semi or fully developed knowledge. It primarily becomes input for the human brain which processes it and illuminates and emanates new knowledge creation out of it by realigning the mental networks. These new mental configurations of conventional logics when applied can potentially provide new break through and also globally competitive and green solutions. This transformation process creates and develops rewarding Innovation Capital. Innovation Capital creates new value chain propositions which can be applied holistically resulting in betterment and improvement of the quality of life for Mankind.

The importance of developing, capitalizing and acknowledging human capabilities takes new dimensions of importance in this age of disruptive innovation where the technology and its attributes are being challenged regularly and this evolution is getting us into new realms whereby, all the paradigms are facing tectonic shift. This rapidly changing technological world has its repercussions on Socio, Economic, Technological, Political, Educational systems. It is changing time and distance related variables and is emerging as real time experience with Orientation and Reaction times marginalized. With these new realities the survival on being proactive and having capacity to quickly accept and adapt to new realities is the new emerging challenge being faced by industry and academia.

In this new saga the challenge being faced due to disruptive innovation combined with new millennial who are from digital age with new attitudes and aptitude towards life and work needs new thinking to hire, inspire and retain them. May be conventional practices need to be revisited.

Taking Cognizance of these new emerging realities UMT has taken this initiative of developing a platform to collect, collate and disseminate the data from professionals all across the country through periodic meetings run nationally. The data collected will be compiled and issued to the industry biannually whereby new trends and challenges shall be highlighted and new recommendations shall be issued to the Industry for effective management of their challenges.

Innovation Capital Development Forum