Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

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Chief Transformation Officer-ICDF

Mr. Khalid Naqi is a well accomplished Innovation Hawk with a revolutionary mindset. Hallmark of his achievements during his illustrious corporate career includes his ability to innovate and drive creative and breakthrough solutions.
Currently, with his passion for grooming and transforming the future leaders, he took deep dive into academia and in short span has come out and recommended groundbreaking solutions and the way forward to create competitive, enlightened champions of innovation through the Think Tank initiative of Innovation Capital Development Forum (ICDF). Now he is looking forward to group with likeminded people to create measurable impact in this age of collaboration and disruptive innovation for the betterment of society.



Project Lead-ICDF 

Ms. Saira Iqbal Khan is a very passionate thought leader. She is a natural front-runner and born with the instinct of challenging convention with very fertile and innovative mindset. In her life journey, she has created a big impact in embedding innovation in the mindsets of young talent and has conceptualized, designed and executed Innovation Champions Boot Camp and Club (ICBCC) to promote the culture of challenging the convention and creating new mental networks. She is actively engaged in pushing the youth to break new horizons and transcend beyond the concept of bounded rationality and getting into new orbits of human achievements.


Ms. Shazina Fatima is a passionate co-associate with strong desire to develop her career on most innovative lines and to create measurable impact in her professional journey as innovation social entrepreneur.

Innovation Capital Development Forum