Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

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Expected Outcomes of the Forum

This forum will facilitate all the stakeholders in revisiting their business and management practices and reinventing their thought processes while creating an opportunity for Advocacy and Advisory with the government and other local and international stakeholders respectively.

For Industry

  • To develop enriched human capital which will create a culture of innovation and reinvention for driving sustainable growth and shareholders wealth by; o Leading improvements in organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Creating competitive advantage through innovation-driven workforce.
  • The Intellectual capital will create additional wealth by enhancing goodwill of the company.

Industry needs to do the following:

  • To identify key people in their organization and advocate the establishment of their role as Innovation Champion.
  • To prepare a plan for managing Human Resource Development based on Intellectual Capital in their organization and linking it to their organization’s strategic goals and global competitiveness.
  • To commence their leadership development and training programs on the basis of Intellectual Capital criteria. 
  • To use the matrix of 5 Generation (5G) employees in Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

For Academia

  • This initiative will enhance the involvement of academia in facilitating industry from Factor-driven economy to Innovation driven economy.
  • An immense pool of knowledge database will be created which will benefit the stakeholders.
  • It will facilitate industry players to hire enlightened and qualified career-ready graduates.
  • By consistently maintaining the flow of such initiatives, academia will also be able to access local and industry support to find the resolution to the issues faced by industry through academic research of consequence with a view to find groundbreaking solutions and interventions and also to maintain the continuity of such initiatives.
  • This activity will enable employer engagement with academia with the objective of creating talent as demanded by the industry.
  • This initiative will enable academia to share the work attitude and aptitude of new Millennial with the industry thereby helping employers in taking full use of their potential.
  • To make recommendations to draw synergy from 5G employees.

For Pakistan

This initiative will support Pakistan:

  • To get into the top performing countries of the world by strongly focusing on ethical Human Capital Development and more focus on effective management practices.
  • To score high on Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) through national transition from Factor-driven economy to Innovation-driven economy with focus on Management Excellence. 
  • To drive Innovation based initiatives to improve Pakistan’s ranking in Global Happiness Index (GHI).
  • To emerge as an economy with an Innovational Eco-System by assessing the collective outlook of the multigenerational Human Capital Development in terms of skill and thought mutation with a purpose to overcome the potential challenges and perceived generational gaps while contributing towards the innovative development of the country. 
Innovation Capital Development Forum