Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

Curtain Raiser Ceremony of Innovation Capital Development Forum (ICDF)-A Think Tank is approaching near. 

Innovation Champions Bootcamp and Club

o Idea Generation/Ideation Sessions - Hybrid Brainstorming Sessions and Facilitation
o Concept Development - Build to learn and experience the innovation potential
o Orbit Shifting Innovation - Break the bonds of gravity and the mental shackles that keep you from reaching the next orbit. (Orbit-shifting innovation is a pioneering approach that can take diverse groups and introduce new thought paradigms to drive innovation).
o Analogy Thinking - It is about the comparison between two objects, or systems of objects, that highlights respects in which they are thought to be similar and often use in problem-solving (Analogical thinking what we do when we take the information from one domain to solve the problem in another domain)
o Disruptive Ideas - We love to challenge people out of their comfort zone to generate better disruptive ideas which modifying/creating mental network and data points
             o Typology
             o Transformative
             o Morphology
             o Genome
             o Genealogy
o Business Planning/Model Development - Creation of a creative and sustainable business model? Challenge accepted!-. Steer the validation of critical business assumptions.
o Advocacy and Advisory - Guidance to roll-out innovative mindset across dynamic. Flexible support to stay mentally agile. Tools & Techniques to structure complex ecosystems
o Innovation Strategy - Looking for a clear innovation approach? Great!
o Envision - The future trend, challenges, and unique ideas generating for commercial exploration of such opportunities in making/Shaping.

Innovation Capital Development Forum