Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

Curtain Raiser Ceremony of Innovation Capital Development Forum (ICDF)-A Think Tank is approaching near. 

Innovation Champions Bootcamp and Club


To drive and inspire future Champions of Innovation with the right attitude and passion to transform the society and to withstand with the disruptions in emerging landscape of the world of work by exploring and harnessing their inherit innovation virus to create groundbreaking solutions and interventions.


To create a resilient innovation-driven platform to emotionally and mentally engage innovative minds throughout their academic journey by facilitating and inspiring them with the resources and opportunities to open up their minds and to share their innovative ideas while challenging the convention under the light of high precision guidelines and thorough advocacy.


o Knowledge Creation

o Learning

o Idea Generation

o Innovation

o Collaboration

o Sharing

o Ethics

o Openness

o Respect

o Teamwork

Innovation Capital Development Forum