Challenging Convention- Driving Seamless Transition into the Future

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Heeding the Wake-Up Call!

In today’s era of disruptive innovation, Innovation is everyone’s responsibility whereby Disruption demands an acute sensitivity to opportunity combined with a fierce commitment to execution, no matter what the odds come in the way. The creed of speed appears to be accelerating everything everywhere. In the emerging realm of disruptive innovation, it will not be good enough to simply survive incoming disruptive shockwaves, either you’re the disruptor or the disruptee. You can struggle with disruption or you can dance with it. Neutral is not a gear you can move forward in.

In the near future entire industry will be undergoing revolutionization and experience profound changes. The pace of change has intensified in the last few years. The new technologies are creating massive breakthroughs. We are now seeing entire markets being re-imagined to be more responsive to technological advancement and consumers' expectations.

Academic roles are also changing. The skill of the modern academic has shifted away from being an imparter of knowledge to producer and integrator of knowledge.

In the past, new graduates were almost guaranteed regular work right after graduation. Now the playing field has absolutely changed. The time may soon come when students will be expected to showcase acquired set of competencies as an alternative to a traditional degree. Industry’s absorptive capacity has gone down. IT skills have become mandatory to dance with disruption and create space in one’s career game.

By anticipating the tornado of emerging disruptions and by preparing ourselves to challenge convention through innovative and hawkish mind set so that in the future we are even better equipped to dance with the disruption and to beat the heavy odds.

Evolving Role of Leadership in the Age of Disruptive Innovation

Innovation driven culture to be effective & continuous requires a *real leadership impact* that stems from leader's ability to orchestrate a clear vision, inspire & harness the full potential of innovative minds through creation of enabling environment & leadership mandate to practice sustained innovation throughout an organization.

Leaders should have the ability to ensure the realization of value creation by embracing innovative ideas & moving forward by providing enabling environment with the ability to sense and respond to the changing mandates, by rapidly adjusting resource to the strategic goals with visibility & effective & timely decisions to mitigate the risk with full support. Leader has to be authentic & emotionally intelligent. Making people do their job & people wanting to get the job done are two very different scenarios that lead to two very different outcomes. Leaders need to be close to the heart of Innovation Action Leaders are expected to be sufficiently humble to question their worldview & remain open to new insights every day.

In order to realize sustainable value a leader should create & integrate Learning Teams, Organizing Teams , & Building Teams through collaboration at the right time to channel the empowerment from the innovative minds to make a new thing happen & to not to let down the Morale, Motivation, & Commitment of innovative empowering people to transform the world. At the end of the day, to retain the highly committed & innovative minds with passion to transform the world, it should be leaders mandate to have an approach to understand and keep such high achievers emotionally & mentally engaged & to take active role in their journey with intelligence culture & process.


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